The Chunky Zeta | Writer & Actor

While getting settled in LA, becoming a production assistant for Production LA, performing stand up, and writing my web series, Deep Sleeper Spy, I was able to squeeze in time to write and act for the offensively hilarious The Chunky Zeta

The show focuses on a college sorority that is egocentric and not PC in today's world of trigger words and "You can't say that". In my episode, Episode 4: 'Petty' Larceny, I wrote a heist like Ocean's Eleven but instead of slick criminals stealing money I had the lackadaisical Zetas stealing a pool trophy from the lonely college dean. In my episode, Episode 11: Offensive Plan, I have the Zetas get revenge on the quarterback for thinking one of the girl's vagina's smelled.

In both Episode 2: Rushin' Interference and Episode 11: Offensive Plan I play the rival and repulsive sorority Kappa Gama Omega's leader, Laney. Frustrated by the priorities of the Zeta girls Laney strives to reform them one way or another.