Deep Sleeper Spy | Writer, Actor, Producer

As a kid, my vivid imagination was very active. I'd come up with stories that I could entertain myself with for hours upon hours. My parents couldn't even discipline me because when they'd send me to my room to "think about what I did" I would create a whole world full of interesting characters with challenging quests. After the ten minutes were up my parents couldn't get me to come out of my room and out of the supposed punishment. 
One of the stories still entertains me today. It was about a strange girl who was misunderstood and teased for being different. She later learned her oddness was due to mind control, which she could only overcome by becoming a small town spy. 
I've held on to this story for years and years, but at the end of this month I'm finally filming it with an amazing cast and crew in my hometown and releasing Deep Sleeper Spy into the real world in March!