Mr.Dogwalker | Short Film


A woman disguises herself as a male dog walker so she can spend time with her dog, who she lost custody of, without her ex knowing. 


Kerstin Porter as Patty and Lexon
Alan Jamil as Trevor
Jace Marlo Rubino as Sam and Prinze Valentino
Harpo as Bushnell
Kristen Lucas as Passerby
Roni Paige as Delivery Person
Directors - Mike Hammeke, Kerstin Porter
Writer - Kerstin Porter
Producers - Roni Paige, Kristen Lucas, Alan Jamil, Sammie Tan
Director of Photography - Josh Sawyer
Assistant Camera / Assistant Director - Scott Craig
Sound Operator - Ian Longway
Script Supervisor - Kristen Lucas
Hair and Make Up - McKenzie Kelly
Harpo's Handler - Jenna Nicole Sullivan

State of Mind by Sailor Alexander
Edges by Lilac Blister

Special Thanks to The Sherry Theater


In Post Production! Releasing in February.