Round Valley Web Series

In the small town of Round Valley, an agoraphobic believes the trees brainwashed her to hurt people. When she finds proof she teams up with a conspiracy theory podcast host and her sister to find the truth behind the small town mystery.

Directed by Geneva Faye 
Written by Kerstin Porter 
Featuring Kristen Lucas, Arianna Taxman, Kerstin Porter, Jacob Godbey, Margaret Elysia Garcia, Kaya Linford, and Jacob Cook, Jose Garcia, Kaya Linford, and Laura Lind 
Produced by Kerstin Porter, Kristen Lucas, and Arianna Taxman 
Cinematography by Josh Swayer, Scott Craig, and GS Ford
Sound by Jacob Godbey, Daniel O’Brian Smith and Diego Garcia

UPDATE Debut Screening and Q&A was a great success! Thanks for coming out.
Now the series will go into the festival circuit before being release in the Fall. More info on festivals and the release here

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