Something In The Water - Comedy TV Pilot
When an injured investigator joins water aerobics, she discovers the group of elderly woman, and one man, have super powers.

Mr. Dogwalker - Short Film
After a woman loses her dog in a break up she dresses like a male dogwalker to be able to spend time with her dog. 

Silver Spinsters - Comedy TV Pilot
Four older women who have never been married nor had kids must face their relationship choices and their own mortality when one of them gets engaged.

Parallel Universe Love Story - Comedy TV Pilot

A woman must read through her mom's emails, since her mom can't communicate due to aphasia, to find out who her father is and what parallel universe he is from.

Stop Stuff 'n Buns - Bob's Burgers Spec 
When Gene is accused of sexually harassing a girl he must figure out how to navigate his crush, Linda takes Louise and Tina to self defense, and Bob defends his chef skills when Teddy creates a dessert burger. 

In The Clouds - Comedy TV Pilot
A doctor who can communicate with dementia patients through her vivid daydreams must overcome judgement to help her patients be understood, including her mother. 

Round Valley: A Small Town Conspiracy - Web Series
An absurd dark comedy about an agoraphobic who believes she is brainwashed by trees and must become a rural spy to stop them.

Dee Spreads HPV - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Spec
After being confronted that her ex has HPV Dee becomes the vigilante hero to stop all douche bags. 

The Booger Man - Rocko's Modern Life Spec
When Heffer gets a cold Rocko cares for him and refuses any help along the way, even when things get out of this world. 

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