Kerstin Porter

Adult Buddy Finders Podcast Live!

We're on Season 3!

Tune in to hear about how our callers are doing, bisexual buddy finding, recovering from being a f*ck boy which leads to better sex, kink camp and more! Get even more by giving to our Patreon, at least check it out and see the fun teirs we've come up with!

Mr.Dogwalker is on YouTube

Mr.Dogwalker, my comedic short film is available to watch!!!

It's about how a woman who lost her dog in a breakup disguises herself in drag to become her dog's walker so that her controlling ex doesn't know she's spending time with her dog.

Basically Mrs.Doubtfire, but with a women, a dog, and a way for me to heal after losing my own dog in a break up :)

Improv | Mystery in the Radio Waves Podcast

I got to join an amazing cast and improvise a "half made up" radio play called “Award Season". I may or may not have tried to cause multiple murders, but you'll have to watch or listen to find out.

Creature Acting

Playing creatures and monsters and things that go bump, because they can't see with all that makeup and special contact lenses, is one of my favorite things. I especially love it because horror films attract some of the most amazing people like the cast and crew of La Planchada.