Kerstin Porter

Coming To Santa Cruz

June 4th at 8pm Blue Lagoon Comedy Night at The Blue Lagoon, 923 Pacific Ave

June 5th at 8pm SC Mountain Brewery Comedy at SC Mountain Brewery 402 Ingalls Street #27

I'm going to be in Santa Cruz which means I'll be joking around there too. Hope to see you there!

Coming To Portland

July 11th at 8pm Chill N Fill Comedy

I'm performing stand up in Portland! I'm bringing comedy and some sunny disposition, or at making fun of my sunny disposition. Join me!

The show is at Chil N Fill, 5215 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 

Tuesdays Stand Up Comedy

Every Tuesday at 8pm I'm performing on the Celebrity Drop-In show at Flappers in Burbank. The show is full of amazing comedians (I can't tell you who will be there for sure but I've seen Mary Lynn Rajskub!) Also I can get you free tickets!

 Message me for Free Tickets!

ALSO, I host the Ladies Open Mics at Flappers on Thursdays at 6:30. 

I'm A Monster! on Travel Channel

Spoiler! I'm a demon. Not in life, I think, in the series Eli Roth Presents: The Legion Of Exorcists on the Travel Channel

Playing creatures and monsters and things that go bump, because they can't see with all of that makeup and special contact lenses, is one of my favorite things. I get to use my gymnastics skills, my acting abilities, and my "crazy girl" personality.

Mr.Dogwalker is out!

Mr.Dogwalker, my comedic short film is available to watch HERE!

It's about how a woman who lost her dog in a breakup disguises herself in drag to become her dog's walker so that her controlling ex doesn't know she's spending time with her dog.

Basically Mrs.Doubtfire, but with a women, a dog, and a way for me to heal after losing my own dog in a break up :)

Directing Music Videos

Miss Malloree has an amazing voice and makes catchy pop music that is so fun to dance to. Elizabeth McIrivin and I were lucky enough to direct her music video, Slow Burn. It's a wonderful story and an addicting song. You'll see...