Kerstin Porter

Adult Buddy Finders Podcast

We're on Season 3!

This season we're learning how to find a bisexual buddy, if finding a recovering f*ck boy is a good or bad buddy, how to get kinky with a buddy and more! We also have special guests Kevin Allison from Risk! and Mistress Alisa from Kink Friendly.   

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I'm back at Flappers March 19th 5:00pm! I'll be telling jokes about my childhood and strange rural upbringing. There will be mention of animals, conservative hippies, and nudity. It'll make sense if you see it. Or not :P 

Mr.Dogwalker is on YouTube

Mr.Dogwalker, my comedic short film is available to watch!!! 

It's about how a woman who lost her dog in a breakup disguises herself in drag to become her dog's walker so that her controlling ex doesn't know she's spending time with her dog.

Basically Mrs.Doubtfire, but with a women, a dog, and a way for me to heal after losing my own dog in a break up :)

Creature Acting

Playing creatures and monsters and things that go bump, because they can't see with all that makeup and special contact lenses, is one of my favorite things. I especially love it because horror films attract some of the most amazing people like the cast and crew of La Planchada