Kerstin Porter is a writer, actor, comedian, director, and producer from a small, rural town. Growing up in the mountains with just a VCR and no cable, she spent most of her time  making up stories in the endless forest behind her house or while raising sheep and rabbits or while doing gymnastics even though she was technically playing baseball. It wasn’t until college that she realized people made films for a living, not just for fun with their friends, which started her on a journey to becoming a filmmaker.

Years went by of Kerstin "discovering herself" at UC Santa Cruz, interning at the New End Theatre in London, performing in off-off Broadway plays in New York City, travelling to six continents, teaching fitness in Seattle then ending up back in New York City to find and fall in love with sketch and improv. The whirlwind of cities and jobs gave her a chance to meet a variety of people and have unique experiences. Overflowing with stories, she packed up and moved to the city of dreams. 

In Los Angeles, Kerstin jumped into producing commercials and indie films. After gaining some experience on set, she starting creating like a mad woman. After writing and staring in two web series she made the comedic short Mr. Dogwalker. One of the web series picked up a large Facebook following, but not for what it was, friendship fail tales, but for the name Adult Buddy Finders. Since then her comedy partner, Greenberry, and Kerstin began chatting with sexperts about how to find an adult buddy, that type of buddy, on their podcast.  

Kerstin continues to work on sets and create her own work, including sketch comedy and stand up. Kerstin loves bringing stories to life and will find any way to do it, especially when she gets to do gymnastics on set, as a creature on Crypt TV and various other horror films. 

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