Content Creation

I'm a Digital Marketer & Filmmaker

I love creating and sharing stories that build relationships, which is why I became a social media manager over ten years ago. To this day, I'm excited by storytelling with the latest trends and algorithms. 

Not only do I help brands connect with their audience online, I also entertain. Since the beginning of YouTube, I've been a member of comedy groups that post weekly videos. I contribute by writing, directing, filming, editing, and acting. 

When I'm not creating content or managing social accounts, I'm helping others create stories. I work in production for photo shoots and commercials for brands like Birkenstock and Wrangler, which teach me a lot and inspire me even more.

Side Note: I'm a fitness buff and comedian, so I have great discipline and a knack for making people feel good and 🤣.

Social Media Marketing Manager

Manager and Content Creator

Content Creator

Content Creator

Content Creator