Mr.Dogwalker Short Film

After a not so mutual breakup, a classy lady loses custody of her dog so she disguises herself as a male dog walker to spend time with her dog without her asshole ex knowing.

Director Statement

After a grueling year or so of sharing custody with a vindictive ex I finally gave up my son, I mean dog. I couldn’t believe the whole thing happened and that I wasn’t the only one who went through doggy custody. (Some people even went through Beanie Baby custody!) 

For years I wanted to share my story to help connect people and create more understanding around manipulative breakups, especially with fur babies and even non fur babies. It wasn’t until I faced my cute, little lady-like victim mentality with gender identity questions that I found my story, this story. The story of Mrs. Doubtfire, but with a dog!

Mr. Dogwalker isn’t just a way to have fun modernizing the comedy classic, but a way to start conversations about toxic relationships, toxic masculinity/femininity, and fur baby kindness. Plus it was a great excuse to showcase a female dressing as a male, instead of the mainstream male to female, and to have a drag king character who also performs in the film!

I hope you laugh, cry, and talk about gender identities, especially in relationships. 


Kerstin Porter as Patty and Lexon

Alan Jamil as Trevor

Jace Marlo Rubino as Sam and Prinze Valentino

Harpo as Bushnell

Kristen Lucas as Passerby

Roni Paige as Delivery Person

Bill Kates at The Judge

 Directors - Anthony Michaels, Kerstin Porter

Writer - Kerstin Porter

Producers - Kerstin Porter, Roni Paige, Kristen Lucas, Alan Jamil, Samantha K. Tan

Director of Photography - Josh Sawyer

Assistant Camera / Assistant Director - Scott Craig

Sound Operator - Ian Longway

Script Supervisor - Kristen Lucas

Hair and Make Up - McKenzie Kelly

Harpo's Handler - Jenna Nicole Sullivan

Editors - Anthony Michaels & Kerstin Porter

Colorist - Alyssa Hance

Audio Engineer - Bill Carswell

Score Composer - Dylan Schweitzer


State of Mind by Sailor Alexander

Edges by Lilac Blister

Bad Seed by The Moon Rocks

Special Thanks to 

The Sherry Theater

Deadline Junkies

Quintessential Wonder Nasty (QWN)

Earthdrop Designs

Gonella Productions